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Working animals have no voice to ask for water, rest, kindness or companionship. They have no voice to describe the hardships to which they are subjected, to express loneliness, pain or thirst or to ask for relief or mercy. Working Animal Advocates strives to be that voice.

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Sign our petition to ban inhumane and unlawful horse-drawn carriages in Old Sacramento.
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Carriage-Free Sacramento

Learn about the issues with horse-drawn carriages in Old Sacramento—from the inhumane conditions and risks to public safety to the numerous municipal code violations that happen daily.

Pulling carriages is a sad life for horses, but together we can stop this. Get involved today!

Traffic, noise, exhaust, asphalt
The city is no place for a horse.
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“Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody’s business to interfere when they see it.”
- Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

Working Animals are everywhere.

We often do not see them, but they are working nonetheless, without a voice and without a choice. They are forced to perform in circuses, marine parks, rodeos, county fairs, zoos, at the racetrack and many other places where they should not have to be.

Please never support attractions or industries that use and exploit animals for entertainment or sport.

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